Saturday, February 11, 2012

February 13-16 Snow Event (2/11/12)

A storm system will be moving from the Plains out east, putting down snow in the Plains, Midwest and Northeast.
The storm system appears to emerge from the Plains and put down anywhere from 1-6 inches in the eastern Plains, mainly in Iowa and Missouri. This will be the high point of the storm. Although it will have access to Gulf moisture, the latest 12z GFS model indicates that 700mb relative humidity levels should be very low for a storm of this level, thus the lower snowfall amounts. There is indeed a 'possible' marking for the 3-6 inch accumulations, as the 3-6 inches may fall in scattered pieces in the area I have marked out.
There will be an icing potential in Arkansas into parts of Kentucky and Tennessee. As we approach the date of the storm I feel that the amount may have to be increased. Thus a possible denotation has been marked for the icing area.
Models are still having a bit of a time trying to handle the storm, with the CMC and GFS butting heads on placement of cold air, which will ultimately determine the biggest snows and icing zone.
Side note: Disregard the 3-6 inch region in Maine for the time being.



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Light snow is falling. Round 2 begins!!! New snow accumulation c-2 inches.