Sunday, June 24, 2012

Buoy Data Suggests Debby Wind Gusts Surpass 50 Knots

Wind gust data at the KVOA buoy indicates that wind gusts really began to fluctuate during the day today, but wind speeds have really accelerated this afternoon and evening, with gusts over 50 knots having been observed roughly an hour ago.

Pressures at nearby buoy 42376 have been dropping over the last several days, with nearly 29.65 millibars this evening. The dropping pressure indicates that Debby has been strengthening with time. Since Debby is nearly stationary, and pressures continue to drop despite no movement, it is only logical that Debby is genuinely strengthening and that this does not appear to be movement of the storm.

More updates will continue for the rest of tonight and into tomorrow and beyond on the Facebook page and here.


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