Sunday, June 24, 2012

Debby To Cut Across Florida; East Coast Be Wary

Latest model guidance and surface observations suggest to me that Tropical Storm Debby will move eastward and cut across Florida before heading up the East Coast.

Debby will likely hit at or slightly above what I have projected on here, depending on how far north or south Debby ends up at the time of eastward movement. Debby should make landfall on Florida and incite potentially major flooding, with a few inches already laid out across the dry landscape. The soil may not be able to immediately soak in the water due to the dryness of the ground, so some flash flooding is not off the table. A tornado threat will continue to be present.
After Florida, Debby will most likely track along the East Coast. How close to the coast remains a question. Right now I am thinking that some clouds and stray showers could brush up against the coast, but major effects seem unlikely. Debby should remain a tropical storm throughout the rest of her life, with a brief potential for very weak Category 1 Hurricane status.


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