Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tropical Storm Debby May Become Hurricane This Week

The National Hurricane Center is showing Debby to move west-northwest across the Gulf of Mexico, and become a hurricane as it does so. Tropical storm warnings have also been issued for portions of the Louisiana Gulf of Mexico Coast, the Alabama coast, and the Florida Panhandle also has a warning on it. These warnings are for the outer rain bands rather than a landfall at this point.

Satellite imagery shows how strong the rain bands are across Florida. The center is also visible, and we can see those strong rain bands trying to wrap around the center. Should this wrapping happen, it would indicate that the central pressures are lowering and we are seeing the system getting itself together.

I will be providing updates all day long on Debby on the Facebook Page, with updates also on the blog here.


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ERN WX said...

The mdl spread requires a larger NHC cone. NWS is HEAVILY ECMWF biased. I like the idea of the trough picking it up.