Thursday, July 5, 2012

MJO Supportive of Continuous Heat, Tropical Activity

(Images: NCEP and ECMWF model forecasts, CFS MJO forecast.)

The CFS forecast of the MJO is predicting the MJO to fall back into Phase 8 into 1, which can be supportive of hot conditions across the country. Considering there is such a spectacular high pressure system across the country, if the MJO circles back into Phase 1, as many models are predicting, this would only enhance potentials for more record breaking conditions.
This will have to be watched very closely, as many cities have experience their hottest days ever, and this could continue should the MJO be favorable.


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Forecaster: said...

Note something, many places of the E U. S. had a blw avg temp June. My records show we were 2.3 degrees blw avg because of a cool first half. This pattern is very natural and will last till fall, but torwards fall a powerfull arctic front will crash through, and end this warm regime. Equilibrium.