Thursday, July 5, 2012

What Will Happen if the Hot Weather Settles In?

Many are wondering when the ridge of high pressure responsible for both drought and high temperatures will move out. Unfortunately, the ensembles are not supporting a regime change anytime soon. So I pose the question: What will happen if this ridge settles in to stay?

The drought will worsen as the monster high pressure system keeps storm systems away. The heat will only add to plants wilting and increasing the likelihood of serious crop damage.

-Severe Weather
Storms happen to form on the edge of high pressure systems, and these stow can be severe, like the derecho observed a few days ago and the strong Chicago storm cell. This would continue across generally the Northern states, where the atmosphere is just right for storms to form.

-Short Term Climatic Shift
I find it very possible that the atmosphere has something up it's sleeve. This strong a ridge of high pressure is rarely observed, which tells me something special is happening. I can see a short term (summer-fall 2012) climatic change/shift, where hot weather may become commonplace, or severe weather every day or something along those lines. This ridge will take a lot to move.


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mike paulocsak said...

Hello Andreew.I couldn't agree more with your post.This pattern doesn't want to break down.We had a pretty strong line of storms go through last night.They formed around Detriot and moved across lake erie and slowly moved south southeast.Many severe thunderstorm warnings with this line.A ton of cloud to ground lightning.Some parts of north central Ohio received 3-4 inches of rain last evening,incredible.The atmosphere is loaded with moisture.This morning storms came through,none severe though.