Sunday, August 12, 2012

Great Lakes 4-8 Degrees Above Normal; Winter Lake-Effect Snows May Be Intense

Latest analysis of sea surface temperature anomalies in the Great Lakes show that the Lakes are 4 to 8 degrees (c) above normal, with some areas even warmer than that.

This winter will be composed of an El Nino, which should bring some variant temperatures across the Eastern US. If an arctic outbreak can come out of this winter, and keep hold for several days, the lake effect snow machine could go hard. Considering many areas get above 100 inches thanks to lake effect snow, I can see those same areas getting as much as another 7 feet or more, should a few arctic outbreaks pump those lake effect snows into action.

These snows could very well be helped if we see a repeat of the strong storm system we saw a few days ago in the Great Lakes region that produced gusty winds and dropped temperatures to unseasonably cool levels. If that happens again, the lake effect snows will only pile on more and more.


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