Sunday, August 12, 2012

Transformation into Positive PDO May Be Occurring
A difference in temperature anomalies between June and July shows a cooling pattern now occurring in portions of the Northern Pacific, as well as a warming trend being observed on the Canadian and Alaskan coast, typical to what would be seen in a positive PDO.
A warm phase, or positive PDO, is characterized by a cool North Pacific, as well as a warm coast of western Canada and southern Alaska. Also of interest is the warm anomalies in the Equatorial region and ENSO monitoring area. That said, it can be said that a positive PDO has a correlation with El Nino's. That does not mean that every El Nino has a positive PDO, but typically, they can occur together.
On the other hand, a cool phase of the PDO contains warm temperature anomalies spread across the North Pacific, as well as a cool Gulf of Alaska coast. Additionally, cool temperature anomalies are found in the ENSO monitoring area, showing a correlation between a negative PDO and La Nina.

A positive PDO typically brings about a warm and dry spell in the Northwest, which indicates a ridge of high pressure is in the area. Additionally, cool and wet conditions are found in the Southeast, showing that many disturbances move through the area during the October - March period.
You can find more effects in other areas in response to the PDO by clicking here.



Randy the Random Dude said...

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Anonymous said...

will Charlotte n.c. see any cold/snow this year?

Andrew said...

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Anonymous: Definitely better snow/cold chances this year compared to last year.