Friday, October 5, 2012

Northeast May See Snowflakes Fly Monday

The latest GFS model is depicting up to a couple inches of snow to hit the Northeast, with the most accumulations striking the coastal cities, including New York City.

In the next 72 hours, the Northeast could have their first snowfall of the winter season. This pales in comparison to the big October snowstorm last winter, but still gives New Englanders a taste of what's to come.

Some slippery roads and chilly mornings appear likely on Monday, but nothing worse than that. The grass will be white, but not covered. You may want to put some salt down, but again, nothing major is expected.


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ERN WX said...

After next week, expect the cool wx to disappear for a little while. The NAO won't be too favorable. One thing that will need to be watched this winter is waves of low pressure developing along fronts. They could be big.