Friday, October 5, 2012

Cold Weather Coming To An End

The cold weather that has plagued the North US on-and-off for a week or two now appears to be heading out the door, as the latest NAEFS Ensemble system is projecting a near-normal temperature situation over the next week or two.

Unseasonably cold weather looks to be moving out, as the NAEFS is showing a warming trend across west North America, which could lead to some warmer temperatures drifting east into the more populated regions of the nation. The likelihood of this is actually fairly high, considering the Northern Hemisphere operates in a west-to-east movement, which means warm air moving east is only natural.

The NAEFS did very well last winter and has exceeded expectations so far this summer in its accuracy in forecasting. I find no reason to stop trusting this ensemble set, and I believe that this unusually cold pattern's back is breaking into a new pattern. However, this issue will have to ait for the next Long Range Lookout segment.



Anonymous said...

Andrew why does it seem its going to warm up ? Does this mean that winter will be mild as well. With little snow too. Sure seems that way setting up to be same as last year. Thanks adam teplitz

Anonymous said...

@ Adam - How would the cold be able to sustain itself thru all of the upcoming winter from this early??? In any year that Oct. is cold there is usually a warm up into Nov. then the cold comes back in time for Dec. and at that point can lock in for the winter. Haven't you ever heard some Meteorlogists say what the weather pattern is around the time of the Winter Solsctice is usually what the remained of the winter can expect.