Saturday, January 28, 2012

Next System Coming into the Country

Increased water vapor indicates that the next system we are watching is coming into the country. It looks like the jet stream is pulling this system down into the Plains. Because it is a clipper, we will be seeing the system quickly progress east and put down an inch or two across the upper Great Lakes region. The arrows are representing the shield of precipitation, not the direction is is going.
The clipper system will be very progressive, so any accumulations will be 1-3 inches. 


Anonymous said...

Why do you only mention clippers and snow systems that only impact Chicago, where you live. Yesterday there was a clipper much stronger than this and locations in NE MO got over 2 inches, a few isolated places close to 3. Just wanted to mention that maybe for future situations like yesterday. Still like this site though.

Andrew said...

We forecast for the South, Northeast, Plains as well. We also forecast severe storms and occasionally floods.

Anonymous said...

That doesn't have to do with anything. I think NE MO counts as "Plains" but oh well. Not worth arguing.