Thursday, March 1, 2012

Updated Morning Discussion will be issued at 6:45 AM CST Tomorrow

The 0z models are bad enough that I will issue a full blown discussion tomorrow morning at 6:45 AM CST.



ERN WX said...

Andrew, thanks for getting the word out. This is very serious. This isn't really a question I don't mind if you don't answer it. Are you going to be drinking an energy drink tomorrow? Well now to the important stuff. We are going to be very busy tomorrow. Accuweather has a high risk out. This really concerns me. The fact that it is barely March and we are seeing so much svr wx tells me this year may be just as bad as last year. Hopefully we can get the warning out early and save lives. I will be on your site tomorrow you can be guaranteed.

Aran said...

I got trained yesterday for being a spotter in Northeast Illinois and Northwest Indiana.

Andrew said...

Eastern WX: I personally don't like energy drinks- I am already more of an energetic person, so who knows what an energy drink would do ;)

Aran: That is excellent! I am a trained spotter as well.