Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mess of Watches and Storms Lights Up Northeast

Real Time Watches
Several severe thunderstorm watches and even a tornado watch are in place in the Northeast as strong showers and storms move through the region. It is worth noting that a moderate risk remains in effect for portions of New England, as seen below.

The main risk for these storms are damaging winds, as shown by the Storm Prediction Center. It is well warranted, as many severe thunderstorm warnings indicate that the storms are able to produce winds in excess of 60 MPH.



ERN WX said...

Thank you!!!!!!!! Appreciate it a lot! I am waiting patiently for the storms. They look mostly like wind with scattered hail.

Mike Paulocsak said...

These storms went through Ohio earlier this morning.Some produced warnings!Hail,high winds,but thankfully no tornadoes occured.I hope none occur in the northeast!Be safe everyone!

Andrew said...

ERN WX: Anytime.

Mike: Thanks for the report.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the new Radarscope update Andrew? Its got super hi-res Level 2 data. Quite the improvement. It also includes high resolution VIL and echo tops. I can't wait to see it on your blog!

Andrew said...

I have. While my area isn't active today, I checked it out in Florida, and it looked great!

ERN WX said...

Hello, Mike. A lot of hail and some wind in Ern Ohio today. None for me-. Areas to my NW got hit hard with wind and hail, but no tornado reports. I like the updated radarscope a lot too. I'll be done work in a little while so I might post somethin else. take care!!!