Sunday, September 30, 2012

South-Central Severe Weather Update

This is an update concerning the ongoing severe weather situation in the south-central US.

Above is an analysis chart, depicting current conditions across the region. Looking at the panels, pressure tendencies have been falling in the past few hours, indicating a strengthening of the system. High dewpoints in the area, combined with temperatures hovering immediately around those dewpoints should make for an unusually wet situation, as such a slim margin between the two brings about enhanced concerns for flooding.

On the bottom right is the latest observed wind field. We can see very tight wrapping of the winds spread across the region, with surface winds surpassing 20 MPH in some areas. Offshore, in the immediate vicinity of a particularly strong band that is moving to the north is producing winds above 40 MPH, making for a dangerous situation for workers on the oil rigs.

The lack of available energy for the storms is observed on the bottom left. However, with this lack of instability, the potential for flooding rains lessens, which is good for those already hit hard by Hurricane Isaac in the last several dozen days.


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ERN WX said...

Hello Andrew, something interesting I have to say; a few months ago I predicted the Nrn Plains states would see their first snow around October 7-14 area. I was off a bit with the time, but it is interesting. I'm wotking ont the East Coast 1st BIG ONE. I'll tell you the day soon. Take a look at the Meso Analysis. Thanks for the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!