Friday, February 8, 2013

February 8-9 Historic Blizzard

Prognosis... Historic blizzard event evolving as expected. Main piece of energy has shifted northeast since this morning as it moves up the coastline. Infrared imagery (pictured above) and hourly surface analysis shows that the Alberta Clipper (seen as ragged green to the west of main storm system) continues to be dragged into the system. Further inspection of infrared imagery and radar reflectivity reveals a paralyzing snow event continues to unfold in New England, especially in Massachusetts and surrounding states. I anticipate the heaviest snow to move onshore in the next 3 hours, impacting Mass. the most at this point. High resolution model forecasts confirm these suspicions, with slightly lessened but still intense snowfall continuing across the Northeast until at least midnight, possibly later. Saturday morning will be an incredible sight to see; transportation will have to be made by dogsled.

High resolution forecasts for this historic event continue to print over 30 inches for many areas, with Massachusetts bearing the brunt. Lake effect snowfall in the eastern Great Lakes will enhance totals in their respective coastline areas, likely adding at least a couple inches as the storm moves out.


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