Friday, February 8, 2013

February 9-10 Blizzard Event

Blizzard watches have been issued for areas in the light green, and many others in winter storm watches (dark blue), as a potential blizzard bears down on the region.

A storm system will be ejecting from the Rockies in the next 24-36 hours, as pictured above. As it does so, lower level winds will be on the increase as the system strengthens. The resulting pressure drop will influence fairly strong lower level winds, with the highest values in south central North Dakota and north central South Dakota. With the system being as strong as it is, Gulf moisture should be pulled north far enough for the northwestern side of this storm system to experience the highest snow accumulations and hourly snowfall accumulation rates.

Total snowfall will exceed one foot in many areas, with the highest totals concentrated in much of South Dakota and even into southeast North Dakota. Totals are still rising in Minnesota, however this model does not have the entire snow event in its timeframe yet for Minnesota. I anticipate widespread reports of over half a foot in much of Minnesota, with isolated areas flirting with 1 foot, especially in northwest Minnesota.


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Anonymous said...

Is winter over for Virginia and N.C.? I anticipated more snow than we recieved this year. However we did recieve quite a lot of ice. Anything is a blessing really. So far, this winter has been another bust to me.