Friday, February 8, 2013

Hisotric Northeast Coastal Storm -- 7:00 AM Update, 2/8

The latest NAM high resolution forecast has upped the ante on snowfall totals from this storm. Earlier yesterday, it was showing amounts that were beginning to hit that 30-35 inch mark. Now, multiple states in the Northeast are at risk for over 25 inches of snow, with just under 50 inches of snow aiming at east Massachusetts.

Surface analysis shows Albera Clipper in central and eastern Great Lakes, progressing eastward, while the main part of this system is immediately offshore the Mid-Atlantic. As the main storm system continues to move north up the coast, the clipper system will get sucked into its force and the two will collide. When this collision happens, the combined storm system will have lower level wind speeds nearing 100 knots. Thats over hurricane force!

Power outages and coastal flooding is expected. Preparations must be in place for this historic and potentially life-threatening storm system.



Anonymous said...

this is a sad thing this much snow in big cities will really bring major problems
we all want to get snow before winter is over but this is way to much
to bad the dry ole dust farms could not got it it could have put a dent in the drought stricken plains oh well maybe next storm

Anonymous said...

I have been hearing of potential snow that could hit the Chattanooga area around the 17th. What are your thoughts on this? Or do I chalk it up as no snow this year?