Saturday, October 11, 2014

Midwest & Great Lakes 2014-2015 Winter Forecast

This is a regional winter forecast for the Midwest and Great Lakes regions. For more winter forecasts, please visit the 2014-2015 Winter Forecast Directory.

The Weather Centre
The phrase was accidentally cut off, but says "Snowy, Chilly Winter"
For temperatures in the Midwest and Great Lakes, below-normal should be the big story. Potentially well-below normal temperature anomalies may be positioned in the Central and eastern Great Lakes, as upper latitude blocking may try to force the polar vortex more into North America, and closer to the northern US.

Precipitation is the wild card here. As of now, I'm expecting average to slightly below average precipitation in the Midwest area. Below normal precipitation should be the story in the southern Midwest, such as southern Indiana and much of Kentucky. Precipitation may then be average further to the north, in the Upper Midwest.

Snowfall projections include a snowy winter for the Upper Midwest, though keep in mind this may change in the future. The heaviest snow is currently favored to fall from the Upper Midwest regions (i.e. Minnesota and Wisconsin) into northern Illinois and most of Michigan. Lake effect snowfall is expected to hover around normal to below normal.



Anonymous said...


Thanks for the incredibly detailed and insightful data's.

It's the first summer I've been aware of your site,
so It was delightful to see, read and absorb the detailed work you put into these.

Bravo and again - Thank You
Mark in Mpls, MN

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Andrew!
I'll take the cold & minus the snow! That works for me!
(even though that's up in the air...I say that's the way it will be)!!