Saturday, October 11, 2014

South Plains 2014-2015 Winter Forecast

This is a regional winter forecast for the South Plains region. For more winter forecasts, please visit the 2014-2015 Winter Forecast Directory.

The Weather Centre
In the temperature department, I'm expecting the Southern Plains to end up around average, as warmth in the Western US glides east into the Plains at times, and the cold weather in the Midwest and East pushes south at times as well. More prolonged periods of colder weather are possible, so long as the jet stream is suppressed south, as usually happens in El Nino periods.

Precipitation should end up around average, if not slightly above normal. An enhanced subtropical jet stream due to the incoming El Nino should help to boost precipitation trends in the Southern Plains, particularly along the Gulf Coast.

Snowfall is the wild card here, since it really takes just one storm to define the winter as below or above normal in the snowfall category. For that reason, and the consequential high level of uncertainty, I'll keep my snowfall estimate around average.


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