Saturday, October 11, 2014

Northeast & Mid-Atlantic 2014-2015 Winter Forecast

This is the regional forecast for the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. For other forecasts, please go to the 2014-2015 Winter Forecast Directory.

The Weather Centre
For temperatures, I'm expecting most of the region to experience below normal to well-below normal temperatures this winter. This outlook comes from the expectation of upper-latitude blocking to prevail during the cold season, which may then force the polar vortex (or at least cold air masses) down south into North America, likely near the Northeast. The Mid-Atlantic may expect cold weather, though likely not as intensive as the Northeast and New England areas.

In the precipitation department, I'm expecting the coastline to see a few big-time storms this winter season. The emergence of a weak El Nino this winter should enable the jet stream to buckle south at times, likely resulting in threats for potentially significant snowstorms. I'd place the regions under average precipitation, as the degree to how often this jet stream buckling occurs is not yet known.

Lastly, with respect to snowfall, as stated above, I am expecting a handful of substantial storms, known as "Nor'easters" to many. Regardless of if they are true Nor'easters when they occur, or are just strong coastal storms, I do think the region has a decent shot at at least average snowfall, if not above average.



Anonymous said...

Andrew, would you consider Virginia Mid-Atlantic or Southeast? Confused as to which outlook I should look at. I'm in Richmond metro area and it can be very snowy along the I-95 corridor depending on where the storm track sets up.

Virginia is forever in an identity crisis when it comes to weather outlooks!

Andrew said...

Anonymous: Personally, I would put Virginia in the Mid-Atlantic, but like you said, it's pretty tough to tell. I'd say a happy medium between two forecast outlooks, if possible, or just pick your favorite ;)

Tylnorton said...

I live a half hour northeast of Boston, Massachusetts where the average Temperature is 53.7 inches of snow. Do you think we could get up to about 80 inches of snow like 2010-2011? OR less?