Saturday, October 11, 2014

Southwest 2014-2015 Winter Forecast

This is a regional winter forecast for the Southwest region. For more winter forecasts, please visit the 2014-2015 Winter Forecast Directory.

The Weather Centre
Temperatures in the Southwest are listed as warm, but I might be more comfortable describing it as slightly above average. The expectation this winter is that we will see high pressure affecting the west coast of North America for prolonged periods, and this should keep most of the region warm. However, if the El Nino-enhanced subtropical jet stream can hold its ground, the region might come out of this winter with around average temperatures.

Precipitation will likely be more average than anything else, despite the image describing it as slightly dry. It is listed as slightly dry due to the uncertainty with how wet the El Nino situation will make the Southwest this winter, but uncertainty is slowly lessening in favor of a slightly wetter outlook than the one posted above.

Snowfall should be around average, maybe even a bit above average. Uncertainty is quite high here, so a more in-depth forecast cannot be given just yet.


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