Friday, May 11, 2012

Tornado Watch #274

Real-time radar
Strong to severe thunderstorms are firing in eastern Texas, and these storms have the potential to become severe. A tornado watch is in effect for southeast Texas until 2:00 AM CDT.

A few severe and potentially rotating storms are present just inside the watch box, and these are expected to have some more tornadic characteristics than are currently present. However, based on several indices, I am not seeing conditions supportive for tornadoes at this time. Considering the watch stretches overnight, this may very well change, but rotation indices are not supportive in the areas that are being watched.
There is an area of elevated surface frontogenesis values out to the west, which may be the ignition for some more storms later on. That, combined with deep moisture convergence, indicate that energy is there for storms in general.

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ERN WX said...

Andrew, I posted my winter thoughts on your Atlanic tropical threat post./