Saturday, September 8, 2012

Official 2012-2013 Winter Forecast: Central Plains

This winter, I am expecting a variety of temperatures in the Central Plains. I expect warm temperatures to keep a safe haven in the northern Nebraska region especially, where the ridge in the Northwest is likely to have some influence on that region. Down towards Arkansas, I am actually anticipating a cooler winter, as a constant sub-tropical jet stream keeps the skies cloudy and generally prohibiting large-scale warm ups. An average stratosphere and negative NAO will help with that.

In the precipitation department, expect wet conditions through winter, as the storm track keeps itself in the South and puts much of the region through a wet winter. The occasional snowfall cannot be ruled out. To the immediate northwest, in northwest Arkansas and southeast Missouri, drier conditions consistent with an El Nino will prevail. As I mentioned in the Midwest forecast, a large storm may be all it takes to wipe out the dry conditions.


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Richard Holmes said...

The forecast for the Southern Plains depicts south Texas with above average precipitation while this forecast depicts south Oklahoma with with above average precipitation. Is there a reason why central and north Texas are not also in the green?